rebels nvl men game report vs ibb polonia
rebels nvl men game report vs ibb polonia

Thrilling Five-Set Drama Ends with Loss for Rebels NVL Men

March 12, 2024

In a riveting showdown at the Essex Sport Arena, volleyball enthusiasts were treated to a captivating clash between the Essex Rebels and IBB Polonia London in the National Super League. With both teams showcasing their formidable skills and strategic prowess, the match unfolded as a classic battle of titans, culminating in a nail-biting 3-2 victory for IBB Polonia London.

The stage was set for an intense encounter as the Rebels, led by former Team GB volleyball captain Alex Porter, faced off against the experienced IBB Polonia London, under the guidance of head coach Grzegorz Niski. With IBB Polonia London having lost only once in the Volleyball England Super League this season and the Rebels boasting a famous victory over their rivals in the National Cup Quarter Final, anticipation ran high among fans.

The match kicked off with IBB Polonia London asserting their dominance early on, capitalizing on strong offense from their middle blockers to secure a 25-20 win in the first set. Despite valiant efforts from Thomas Shatimehin of the Rebels, IBB Polonia London’s cohesive play proved too much to handle.

As the intensity heightened in the second set, both teams battled fiercely, with William Ragland making a significant impact for the Rebels as a substitute opposite. However, IBB Polonia London’s experience shone through as they clinched a narrow 26-24 victory, showcasing their resilience under pressure.

The Rebels fought back in the third set, with Ragland delivering a virtuoso performance from the opposite position, supported by solid blocking from Thomas Jefferson and Sam Sherwin. The Rebels secured a comfortable 25-21 win, injecting renewed energy into the match.

Buoyed by their success in the third set, the Rebels continued to dominate in the fourth set, with stellar performances from Shatimehin, Ragland, and libero Lefteris Ioannou. The Rebels surged to a commanding 25-17 victory, setting the stage for a thrilling fifth set showdown.

In a dramatic finale, IBB Polonia London made strategic changes, bringing in key players like Mihail Stoev to regain control. Despite a valiant comeback effort from the Rebels, IBB Polonia London’s experience and depth proved decisive as they sealed a hard-fought 15-13 victory in the fifth set, clinching the match in a dramatic fashion.

Euan Fraser was awarded the MVP for his outstanding contributions throughout the match, showcasing his versatility and impact on the court.

Reflecting on the match, acting Coach Porter expressed pride in his team’s performance, highlighting their ability to challenge their opponents and set the stage for future encounters in the Super League Final Four Playoffs. Despite the loss, the Rebels’ resilience and determination bode well for their continued success in the league.

Essex Rebels 2:3 IBB Polonia London

20:25, 24:26, 25:21, 25:17, 13:15

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