Crowd of Rebels fans at Rebels Basketball match

Rebels Rewards


The Rebels Rewards app is our official fan loyalty programme, built exclusively for Essex students, and it’s here for the remainder of the 2023-24 season. Earn points and score big! Every game you attend earns you points. It’s that simple.

Watch your points pile up and turn them into exclusive rewards and prizes as you cheer for our Essex Rebels teams. The excitement doesn’t stop at the buzzer.


  • Earn points for attending Rebels basketball and volleyball games as well as attending other events involving our representative Essex Blades sport teams.
  • Never miss a game or event again! Our app keeps you updated with game schedules across the entire season.
  • Unlock rewards and exclusive offers by redeeming your points.
  • Monitor your points (and check your ranking compared to other Rebels fans).

The app – which is available on iOS and Android – is free to download and available to University of Essex students with a valid Essex e-mail.

Download Essex Rebels Rewards now and be part of the action while enjoying fantastic rewards!

rewards prize graphic

Rebels Prize Levels

Every game you attend gets you one step closer to earning an exclusive prize as part of our  R-E-B-E-L-S reward levels. Prizes for this year are below:

  Points Prize
R 1500 Essex Rebels Lanyard
E 3000 The Tribe Tote Bag
B 4500 Essex Rebels Travel Coffee Mug
E 6000 Essex Rebels Bucket Hat
L 7500 Exclusive Rebels ‘Our House’ T-shirt
S 9000 Limited Edition Tribe Hoodie

 Rowdiest Rebel Award

As well as our reward levels, we are also rewarding the top five students that earn the most points throughout the 2023-24 academic year on the Rebel Rewards leader board. Winners will receive:

  • Rowdiest Rebel Award t-shirt.
  • Awarded the Rowdiest Rebel Award at the final home game of the season.
  • Movie Night at the Essex Sport Arena for you and a group of friends with unlimited popcorn.

Registration Process

Once you have downloaded the free Rebel Rewards app, you will need to register and fill in some basic details to start earning points. We have created a handy visual guide below to assist with this.

Rebels Rewards registration process

How to Earn Points

To earn points for attending Rebels home games, BUCS Wednesday fixtures, and for staying late during games, students must:

  • Download the free Rebel Rewards app for iOS or Android
  • Using your phone’s “Settings” menu, scroll to find the Rebels Rewards app.
  • Within the Rebel Rewards location settings, choose whether to allow location access “always” or “while using the app”
  • If “always” is selected, you will automatically earn points for attending events and for staying late during games. Points will usually display within five minutes of entering the venue.
  • If “while using the app” is selected, you must open the app after entering the venue to earn points for attending events. To earn your ‘Stay Late’ bonus, you must open the app again after the start of the fourth quarter / last set to earn Stay Late bonus points.
  • Within the Rebel Rewards location settings, turn on the “Precise Location” button.

Note: These location settings only need to be enabled while attending home Essex Rebel or Essex Blades events. You may modify or disable these settings when not in attendance at other events. The beacon technology used to operate the program only detects whether your phone is inside the venue during a sport event. The exact location of your phone at any given point in time can never be accessed or shared by The University of Essex or any third-party entities.

Please also note that students will earn a one-time bonus for joining The Tribe and admission is completely free for students!

Rebels Reward guide


If you find that your Rebel Rewards app is not picking up that you are in the stated location of the game, you may also be able to “Check-In” at our Tribe stall usually present at most Rebel home games where your details will be entered manually.

How to Redeem Prizes

Once you reach the points reward level, you will be able to redeem your prize by “unlocking” the number of points that equals the reward level prize you receive.

Please note that no points will be subtracted from your profile allowing you to progress up the R-E-B-E-L-S reward levels. Furthermore, the app keeps track of the total number of points you’ve earned over a given period and ranks you against other participants on our leader board.

Once redeemed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. We distribute rewards at designated collection events, typically once a month at an Essex Rebels Home fixture. Please check the Rebel Rewards app to see when the next rewards pick-up is scheduled. Rewards dates will have a present beside the date.

Please also be aware that some supplies are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis.

Group of students wearing The Tribe tshirts



Q How do I know whether I’ve received my points for attending a game as well as claiming the staying late bonus?

When you enter the event venue, you will automatically receive a notification on your phone when your points have been awarded through beacons situated at the Essex Sport Arena entrance. If you do not receive a notification from the Rebels Reward Loyalty App, open the app and visit the “Activity” tab to see whether your points have been added. If for some reason your points are not awarded automatically, visit the Tribe Stall at the game and someone will be able to help you. Alternatively, you can e-mail [email protected] and a member of our team will review this.

Crowd of Rebels fans at Rebels Basketball match

Q I am a University of Essex student-athlete. Am I able to participate and earn Rebel Rewards Loyalty Points?

All student-athletes are eligible and must also download the Rebel Rewards Loyalty Points app and enable location services and Bluetooth to participate.

However, student-athletes are NOT able to earn points for games in which they compete in. The same also applies for student workers.

Any student-athlete or worker caught trying to ‘cheat’ these guidelines will be automatically disqualified from receiving rewards and removed from the app.


Q Can I participate in the Rebels Rewards programme if I’m not a student?

Rebels Rewards is currently a student-only rewards programme, and you must have a valid student email address to join. However, we are working on plans to roll this out to the community for next season.