Another 3-0 Sweep for the Rebels against bottom side London Lionhearts

February 12, 2024

This weekend in their away game against London Lionhearts, the Rebels team displayed amazing diversity in their skill set and flew out of the traps with their fast offense, applying pressure early from set 1. The Rebels setters Ellen Floyd and Chelsea Simmons thrust into their newly developed 6-2 system for a full game, with opposite Brianne Carmody unusually jumping into the role of middle with players ill.

Despite this different starting line up a flying set of fantastic volleyball was displayed straight away with Carmody’s emphatic serving throwing the game swiftly into the second set 25-14. With steadier feet on court Lionhearts came back into the game with renewed energy and a keen, rambunctious crowd cheering them on. This atmosphere fuelled them on the service line with strong pressure on the Rebels, however their serve receive held strong, and with Madoka Weldon covering the whole court in an amazing display of defence the score remained tied edging into the 20’s. Simmons back row as setter utilised her perfected second ball dump to take back the lead and Kathryn Attar was subbed off back court for Emily Priestley due to injury giving fresh legs to the Rebels.

Weldon’s ability to pick up every ball gave access to the Rebel’s strong side out which kept momentum on their side of the court. With a tight score the Rebels had to maintain that pressure, with Attar ready to re-enter front court, scoring crucial tactical plays to allow the Rebels to close down the set 25-23.

One set left to go the Rebels tightened up their service and came flying back into the game, displaying formidable offense through the pins, Lea Borovec scoring exceptional spikes. Floyd provided a blocking masterclass in the final set, not letting Lionheart have a chance to reset before she returned the ball, granting her MVP of the game. Service pressure displayed acted as a key role in creating a score difference and shutting down Lionhearts in a swift 3-0 sweep.

Head Coach Alex Chinery was unavailable for the game due to covering across men’s and women’s teams due to injury in the coaching department. In his place Chinery sent well-known Max Norton Steele who is Head Coach of the Woman’s second team and represents on the men’s Super League team, he quoted on the game, “the girls did an outstanding job in adjusting to not just a new system but to a new coach with Alex Chinery covering for Alex Porter and therefore travelling away with the men’s team. The entire squad showed a high level of professionalism on and off the court and looked completely in control of the game winning 3-0 against a much-improved London Lionhearts.”

MVP Ellen Floyd

London Lionhearts 0:3 Essex Rebels

25:14, 25:23, 25:17

Essex Rebels Team Huddle
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