Rebels Women fall short against Leicester Riders

December 12, 2023

In a thrilling contest that kept fans on the edge of their seats, the Leicester Riders emerged victorious over the Essex Rebels with a final score of 79-70. The win propelled the Riders to the top spot in the Women’s British Basketball League table.

The Riders’ starting lineup, featuring Taylor O’Brien, Katie Januszewska, Jessica Eadsforth-Yates, Rayven Peeples, and Samantha Ashby, showcased their prowess on both ends of the court. Rayven Peeples played a crucial role, securing a double-double with 17 points and 11 rebounds, while Taylor O’Brien contributed 20 points and five rebounds.

The game began with O’Brien opening the scoring at the free-throw line, immediately answered by Claire Paxton’s fast break bucket for the Rebels. Samantha Ashby’s three-pointer and Paxton’s deep shot kept the score close in the first quarter, with the Riders finishing the period ahead 21-19.

The second quarter saw back-and-forth action, with both teams trading blows and struggling to gain a significant advantage. Kat Tudor’s scoring outburst and Megan Haines’ three-pointers kept the Rebels in contention. However, the Riders managed to close the half with a narrow 42-39 lead.

The third quarter witnessed a showcase of offensive skills from both sides. Haines continued to be a scoring catalyst for the Rebels, while Rayven Peeples and Katie Januszewska made significant contributions for the Riders. Despite Rebels’ resilience, the Riders extended their lead to seven points by the end of the quarter.

As the game entered the final period, the Rebels displayed resolute defense, stifling the Riders’ attempts. Taylor O’Brien, however, showcased her offensive prowess with a turnaround jump shot, maintaining the Riders’ lead. The Rebels fought back, with Kat Tudor’s impressive three-point shooting bringing them within striking distance.

In the closing minutes, the Rebels threatened a comeback, narrowing the deficit to four points. Nevertheless, the Riders remained composed and secured the victory with a final score of 79-70, sealing their position at the top of the league standings.

Kat Tudor’s outstanding performance for the Rebels, finishing with 23 points, including three crucial three-pointers, highlighted the team’s offensive efforts. However, it was the collective effort of the Leicester Riders, led by Taylor O’Brien and Rayven Peeples, that ultimately secured the hard-fought win on the road.

Rebels Women Bounce Back against Manchester

In a compelling clash in the Women’s British Basketball League, the Essex Rebels secured an impressive 87-76 victory on the road against the Manchester Giants. This win proved pivotal for the Rebels, propelling them to a 3-3 record and elevating them to fifth place in the standings. The Manchester Giants, on the other hand, slipped to a 3-4 record after a hard-fought battle.

The game kicked off with the Essex Rebels taking an early lead at 4-10, only to be met with a resilient Manchester Giants responding with a 7-0 run, taking the lead at 11-10. The two teams engaged in a back-and-forth exchange of baskets and leads throughout the first quarter, with the Rebels finishing the period ahead by a slim margin at 23-24.

The second quarter continued in a similar fashion, with the Rebels maintaining a narrow lead. A quick 6-0 run, highlighted by Katherine Tudor’s triple, Darcy Kay Rees’ layup, and Renee Busch’s technical free throw, gave the Rebels a two-possession lead at 29-35. With under a minute remaining in the half, the Rebels extended their lead to the largest of the game at 33-41. However, a late 5-0 run by the Giants narrowed the gap to just three points at halftime, with the score standing at 38-41.

The second half mirrored the closely contested nature of the first, with both teams trading blows. With just under four minutes left in the third quarter, the Rebels secured their first double-digit lead at 46-56. Darcy Kay Rees’ layup propelled the Rebels to a 13-point advantage, reaching a game-high lead of 50-63.

Despite efforts from the Giants, including a three-pointer from Myah Pace, the Rebels maintained control, entering the fourth quarter with a 55-65 lead. The Rebels started the final quarter strongly, establishing a 15-point lead at 58-73. The Giants, however, mounted a comeback, going on a 9-0 run to cut the lead to six points at 69-75.

In the final minutes, Manchester fought valiantly, narrowing the deficit to four points at 72-76 after a three-pointer from Myah Pace. Yet, the Rebels responded with three successful offenses and defensive stops, pushing the lead back to 10 at 72-82, ultimately securing the victory at 76-87.

Darcy Kay Rees was named the Player of the Game, showcasing a dominant performance on both ends of the floor. The Rebels’ centre recorded a double-double with 17 points, 21 rebounds, and two assists, playing a crucial role in her team’s triumph.

Essex Rebels Team Huddle
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